30 Sure Signs of Demonic Oppression and Need for Deliverance

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Written By Pastor Vlad

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Are you familiar with the signs of demonic oppression?

Are you scared of discovering your inner demons?

You see, when you’re sick, you go to your doctor. You want to know what your symptoms mean, right?

Even if they point to a cancer.

You want to know what’s happening with you so you can act fast.

Regardless of fear.

Health symptoms reveal root causes.

The same is true about spiritual health or spiritual freedom.

If a person has demons, symptoms of their presence and activities will reveal them.

See, demonic oppression is on the rise because teachings of demons and witchcraft practices abound nowadays.

Countless people experience unexplained phenomena that disrupt their daily lives.

How can you determine if you have demons and require deliverance?

In this blog post, we will answer this question.

We’ll explore the signs of demonic oppression, aka signs of demonization. They may be reasons for you to seek deliverance.

In my deliverance ministry, I rarely see people with one sign only. People typically show a few of these signs. Some of them look similar and frequently overlap.

So, let’s dive in and expose this darkness together.

Mental Health and Emotional Distress

1. Suffering from Severe Depression and Hopelessness

A woman named Lily called me one day.

She was suffering from severe depression because of her broken life.

She shared her hopelessness for a better future and mentioned a couple of suicide attempts.

If someone were to film her life story, it would be worse than a horror movie.

She experienced molestation and rape, sex slavery, physical abuse, and much more.

When we started the deliverance process, we cast hundreds of demons out of her, including the spirits of depression and hopelessness.

Obviously, the chief spirit in all that was Jezebel.

If you feel overwhelmed by despair and an endless darkness within you, it may be a symptom of demonic influence.

Not every depression is created equal.

If trapped in endless thoughts of hopelessness and despair, seek deliverance.

Because if you don’t control your mind, someone else does.

Recognizing signs of demonic oppression is crucial for taking action against these forces.

2. Contemplating or Attempting Suicide

As crafty as they are, demons can incite a person to commit suicide.

If you have suicidal thoughts, I urge you to give God a chance.

It’s not about visiting church on Sundays or follow rules like a religious fanatic.

God created you for fellowship to be your Father, your Friend, and Your Problem-Solver.

So you know, thoughts come from three sources: you, God, and demons.

You, being in your right mind, wouldn’t even think about generating suicidal thoughts.

Even God, the most loving being, wouldn’t do it.

By elimination, we can conclude that suicidal thoughts come from demonic sources.

Their goal is “to steal, kill, and destroy” (John 10:10).

They want to cut your life short to tip you over to hell. But God has given his only Son, Jesus Christ, to give you eternal life.

You’re not alone in this struggle. The devil even enticed Jesus to commit suicide by jumping off of the temple pinnacle (Matthew 4:5).

So, like Jesus brushed the devil off, He can help you defeat the nagging demons.

He is stronger than all of them combined. Don’t succumb to demonic pressure.

God says, “Call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me (Psalm 50:15 ESV).

3. Struggling with a Life-Altering Trauma

One thing that’s important to know about demons is they love exploiting human vulnerabilities.

Especially life-altering traumas – physical or emotional.

Life-altering traumas include:

  • News about a deadly or debilitating disease;
  • Losing a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth;
  • An incident or an accident leading to disability;
  • Witnessing or being a victim of an act of violence (war, terrorist attack, hostages, etc.);
  • And many others.

In such situations, demons can enter a person through fear, shock, temporary incapacitation, nightmares, etc.

Trauma can leave us feeling lost and consumed by despair.

In these moments, dark forces can prey on our weakened state, worsening our pain.

The Apostle Peter warns the church suffering severe persecution to be vigilant.


Because “the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8 ESV).

Recognizing signs of demonic oppression after a life-altering trauma allows us to combat demons and find healing.

4. Experiencing Uncontrollable Episodes of Anger and/or Violence

Uncontrollable anger or violence can be alarming signs of demonization.

The keyword in the above phrase is “uncontrollable.”

When we find yourself filled with rage and pour out an uncontrolled wrath on someone, there may be a spiritual entity involved.

If you become consumed by anger and resort to violence, causing harm to yourself or others… If this extreme reaction goes beyond normal human behavior, pay close attention to that.

The Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:26-27 (ESV) reminds us,

“Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and give no opportunity to the devil.”

This verse highlights the importance of managing our anger and not allowing it to lead us down a destructive path.

It urges us to recognize that demons can manipulate our anger if left unchecked.

Uncontrolled anger is a symptom of deeper spiritual issues you have in your life.

The following demons can cause uncontrolled outbursts of anger:

  • Anger
  • Wrath
  • Rage
  • Hatred
  • Murder
  • Envy
  • Fury
  • Aggression
  • And others.

You need to seek deliverance if you experience uncontrolled outbursts of anger-related emotions.

5. Constant Fear, Anxiety, or Compulsive Disorders

Fear can be the name of a gatekeeping demon. He opens doors to other demons by intimidating a person.

Constant fear, anxiety, or compulsive disorders can be signs of demonic oppression.

In my ministry, I found that the spirit of fear is also a coward.

This is good news for you if you suffer from various kinds of fear, anxiety, and compulsive disorders.

Because the demon of fear is afraid of Jesus.

If you’re constantly feeling a knot in your stomach, your heart racing, and an overwhelming sense of doom, there’s hope.

For example, in Matthew 8:28-34, Jesus encounters two demon-possessed men who exhibit extreme fear and anxiety, causing them to act compulsively.

Their behavior serves as a reminder of the connection between these afflictions and demonic influence.

Regardless of what demons do, our job is to cast them out so you can enjoy freedom.

6. Never-ending, Disabling Episodes of Rejection or Depression

It’s not enjoyable to feel rejected or depressed.

Rejection can start as early as in the mother’s womb.

When people conceive a child without planning it, the spirit of rejection enters the baby because the woman rejects it.

Some parents reject a baby because of the undesired gender. If they wanted a boy but gave birth to a girl, that’s rejection.

Such children may suffer rejection all their life until God intervenes through deliverance ministry.

Never-ending, disabling episodes of rejection or depression can be a distressing experience, leaving individuals feeling trapped in a cycle of despair.

These struggles are not merely a result of psychological factors. They indicate something more sinister at play.

Consider the story of Job.

He faced unimaginable loss and suffering, leading him to question his worth and succumb to deep depression.

As Job’s trials were not solely a result of his own actions, our battles with never-ending rejection or depression may have spiritual roots as well.

Jesus accepts everyone, which is good news. In Jesus Christ, each person is part of a vast family of believers.

Romans 15:7 confirms this:

“Therefore receive one another, just as Christ also received us, to the glory of God.”

Because Jesus received you, reject the rejection. It doesn’t belong to you. The rejection spirit must leave for good.

7. Trauma Leading to Clinically Diagnosed PTSD or Serious Depression

PTSD and severe depression can be more than mental health disorders.

They may be signs of demonic oppression.

If traumatic memories haunt you…

If your past torments you…

Or if you’re unable to find peace or hope, you need to consider deliverance.

It’s a battle for your soul against unseen evil forces seeking to destroy you from within.

It’s not just chemicals in the brain, but a battle for your being.

Addressing the spiritual aspect is crucial alongside mental and emotional components.

8. Challenges in Building Satisfying and Lasting Relationships

Sometimes, people who come to me to receive deliverance talk about difficulty building lasting relationships.

They try hard to be as friendly as possible, but something happens every time that their friendship falls apart.

And it’s not because of the lack of compatibility or communication skills.

Sometimes, the difficulties we face in relationships can be a sign of something deeper.

Demonic oppression can manifest as obstacles in forming meaningful connections with others.

Just as demons seek to isolate and torment individuals, they can also disrupt and hinder healthy relationships.

Not every relationship struggle is because of demonic influence.

But if it’s chronic, since childhood, I’d advise you to check yourself for demons in your life.

One of demons’ task is to keep you isolated from healthy and lasting relationships. Because when you’re lonely, you become an easy target for demons.

Substance Abuse and Self-Harm

9. Finding Solace in Alcohol or Drugs to Quench Pain of the Past

Have the hardships of life cornered you?

Are you finding solace in alcohol or drugs?

I’m not trying to scare you, but it can be a sign of demonic oppression.

If the load of emotional pain makes you turn to substances to numb it, it can become a vicious cycle of addiction.

By relying on alcohol or drugs, you unknowingly open the door for demonic influence to take hold.

As the Bible warns in Proverbs 20:1,

“Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise.”

Don’t let the enemy deceive you with false comfort.

The Apostle Paul recommends:

“Don’t be drunk with wine, because that will ruin your life. Instead, be filled with the Holy Spirit.”

(Ephesians 5:18 NLT)

If you’re addicted to substances and can’t get free by applying your will power, seek deliverance.

10. Engaging in Self-Abusive Behavior such as Anorexia or Bulimia

Engaging in anorexia or bulimia can be a sign of demonic oppression, too.

These eating disorders often stem from a distorted self-image and a desire for control.

The enemy deceives individuals into believing that their worth and identity are determined by their appearance or ability to restrict their food intake.

It is a cunning lie that traps them in a cycle of self-destruction.

Imagine a young woman, consumed by the relentless pursuit of thinness, convinced that her value hinges on her weight.

She starves herself, believing that she is gaining control.

But in reality, she is falling deeper into the clutches of the enemy.

The Bible reminds us in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20,

“Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God? You are not your own, for you were bought with a price. So glorify God in your body.”

Recognize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and treat it with respect and care.

Faced with anorexia or bulimia, combat the lies of the enemy with the truth of God’s Word.

Ask God to show you what He thinks of you as your Heavenly Father.

He’ll never call you ugly, fat, or anything similar. Only the devil will do that.

So, stop downgrading yourself, trying to improve your appearance through starvation. Don’t give the devil a chance to ruin your health and wellbeing.

11. Engaging in Sadomasochistic Behavior

Engaging in sadomasochistic behavior is one of the obvious signs of demonic oppression.

People exhibiting such behavior harm themselves by cutting, head-banging, or bruising.

While it may be hard to understand why someone would engage in such behavior, let me provide an example.

Just as a person trapped in quicksand may struggle to escape but only sinks deeper, those oppressed by demons may seek relief through self-inflicted pain.

This insight may be counterintuitive, but it highlights the desperate need for spiritual deliverance.

A spiritually free and healthy person would never harm themselves.

But people who experience demonic influence often do things that are harmful to their physical health.

It’s crucial to understand what they go through.

Spiritual and Paranormal Experiences

12. Hindrances in Prayer, Worship, and Bible Reading

Hindrances in prayer, worship, and Bible reading can be subtle signs of demonic oppression.

When you find it difficult to focus during prayer or feel a sense of heaviness when trying to worship, it could result from demonic interference.

When we used to host Bible studies in our home, we invited our friend’s mother. Every time she came, she would fall asleep when we had a vivid discussion.

Another person I served would have a lump coming up to her throat, preventing her from worshipping in church.

One biblical example that highlights this is in Mark 4:15, where Jesus speaks of Satan snatching away the Word sown in people’s hearts.

It’s important to recognize and deal with these hindrances.

You must be able to recognize the demons hindering you from praying, worshiping, or reading the Bible, and strive to get rid of them.

13. Involvement in Various Forms of the Occult

If someone you know is involved in various forms of the occult, they have demons.


The question is: why would someone willingly engage in practices that invite darkness into their life?

It may seem counterintuitive, but the allure of the occult lies in its promise of power and control.

People often find themselves drawn to these practices, searching for answers, guidance, or even a sense of belonging.

The occult leads to demonization, a fact they fail to grasp.

14. Making a Pact with Satan for Personal Gains

Making a pact with Satan for personal gains is a sure way to demonization.

It may seem enticing to strike a deal for immediate benefits, but the consequences are devastating.

Satan doesn’t give anyone anything for free. The price is always your life, physical and mental health.

One instance of disobedience to Satan is punishable with dire consequences.

Just as Satan tempted Jesus with worldly power, he continues to deceive and lure people into his web of lies.

But we must remember the words of Jesus in Mark 8:36:

“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?”

The path to a fulfilled life does not lie in material possessions.

The true prosperity comes from a personal relationship with God, not from the devil.

15. Coming from the Bloodline of Witches and Warlocks

If you come from a bloodline of witches and warlocks, it increases the probability of your demonization.

But don’t get discouraged.

God can redeem and transform your life despite of your dark ancestry.

In Ezekiel 36:26, God promises to give us a new heart and put a new spirit within us.

So, while the enemy may try to use our past to oppress us, we can find hope and freedom in the truth of God’s Word.

16. Involvement in New Age Practices: Tarot, Psychics, Energy Healing

Involvement in New Age practices can often serve as a sign that one needs deliverance.

While it may seem harmless or even appealing on the surface, delving into these practices opens the door to spiritual deception and oppression.

Imagine a person standing on a cliff, unknowingly inching closer to the edge with each step.

Similarly, when you engage in New Age practices, you move away from the truth and expose yourself to demons.

The Bible warns us in Leviticus 19:31,

“Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God.”

This verse reminds us that seeking guidance or power from sources other than God violates His commandments.

Be vigilant in recognizing the subtle ways the enemy can deceive you.

If you’ve ever been involved in New Age, you need deliverance.

17. Experiencing Paranormal Activities in the Home

Many demonized people I’ve dealt with testified that they experienced paranormal activities in their home.

Microwave ovens turning on and off by themselves, cabinet doors opening and closing, lights blinking, objects moving and falling to the ground are only a few examples of the paranormal.

These phenomena may be unsettling, but they can reveal the presence of demonic forces at work.

The Bible is silent on the subject of paranormal activities. But the Bible clearly shows that such trickery results from demonic presence.

The German word “Poltergeist” (drumming spirit) or the Russian word “domovoy” (house spirit) describe these demons. In English, people call houses infested with demons “haunted houses”.

If you experience paranormal activities in your home, you need to consider spiritual house cleansing and personal deliverance.

Burning sage in your home won’t help. This demonic ritual will attract even more demons.

Abuse and Violation

18. Being a Victim of Rape, Incest, or Molestation

Being a victim of rape, incest, or molestation can be a deeply traumatic experience that leaves lasting scars.

It is a painful reality that no one should have to endure.

But demonic cruelty knows no limits.

When demons act through sex offenders, it is usually because they have an assignment from Satan to attack a certain person. Obviously, it doesn’t mean that sex offenders are innocent because Satan made them do it.

Sex offenders, driven by inner demons, carry out Satan’s will through cruel sexual abuse.

Despite these traumatic experiences, God can set you free from the demons of rape, incest, or molestation.

God’s Word tells us in Psalm 34:18,

“The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.”

This verse reminds us that even in our darkest moments, God is close to us, offering healing and deliverance.

19. Suffering Emotional or Physical Abuse from Biological Parents

Suffering emotional or physical abuse from your biological parents can be a painful and devastating experience.

It may leave you feeling broken, unworthy, and in need of deliverance.

As I mentioned above, demons love using traumatic experiences to enter people.

They’re thrilled when one person inflicts physical or emotional trauma to another.

It is especially true when we talk about broken relationships.

Although physical and emotional abuse results in bruises and psychological breakdowns, the battle against it is spiritual.

People who contact me often come from abusive parent-child relationships.

They manifest the spirit of rejection, the orphan spirit, spirit of trauma, the spirit of resentment, and many others.

If you grew up in an abusive home, consider checking yourself for demonic presence.

Take heart because as Jesus delivered the demon-possessed man in Mark 5:1-20, he can deliver you from the chains of abuse.

He can restore you to wholeness in all aspects of your life.

20. Emotional or Physical Abandonment by Biological Parents

Results of emotional or physical abandonment by biological parents are like those of physical and emotional abuse.

If the latter is an extreme and brutal involvement in the child’s life, emotional or physical abandonment is total negligence of the child’s needs.

That’s when the child is most vulnerable to the evil forces, lacking protection, care, and acceptance.

Abandoned children are easy targets for demons.

But God promises in the Bible to be a father to the fatherless (Psalm 68:5) and to never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5).

Like an orphan longing for parental love, our souls yearn for God’s love and acceptance.

So, while the pain of abandonment is real, you can be truly free from it if you seek inner healing and deliverance in Jesus Christ.

Demonic Experiences and Behaviors

21. Hearing Voices Inciting Illegal or Immoral Acts

When you hear voices inciting you to engage in illegal or immoral acts, it is a clear sign you need deliverance.

Those voices do not come from nowhere.

A voice is part of a personality.

So, ask yourself: Whose voices are addressing you? Who do they belong to?

Demons can whisper or scream thoughts of deceit. They can nag you to make you commit a crime or sexual perversion.

Demons also talk among themselves about the host in the third person.

They can mock and blaspheme Jesus, trying to convince their victim that Jesus is evil.

So, if you hear such voices, they’re not yours. They’re demons whom you need to evict out of your body.

22. Displaying Actions That Are Not in Line with Your Usual Character

Have you ever done anything immoral, weird, or perverted?

Did you feel you were doing it against your will, but you couldn’t help it?

Unfortunately, many people call me regarding such issues.

They do what they hate to do, as though someone pulls the strings.

Someone stronger than them.

When your actions become misaligned with your usual character, it can be a sign that you need deliverance.

It’s like a dark cloud settling over you, obscuring your true self.

We may do things you never thought you would, saying hurtful words or acting out in anger.

But these actions aren’t a reflection of your true self, right?

They result from spiritual forces at work, trying to keep you from experiencing the freedom and joy that God bought for you.

So, when you see these actions in yourself, it’s a call to seek deliverance from the enemy.

23. Undiagnosable Health Conditions

Have you ever experienced a mysterious health condition that doctors couldn’t diagnose?

It can frustrate and frighten you, leaving you searching for answers and feeling helpless.

This might indicate a need for deliverance.

It may seem counterintuitive, but sometimes our physical ailments have spiritual roots.

As Jesus cast out demons and healed the sick, He can bring healing and freedom to your body and soul.

In Mark 9:25, we see Jesus rebuking a demon and curing a boy with an undiagnosable condition:

“You mute and deaf spirit, I command you, come out of him and never enter him again.”

This powerful example shows that deliverance extends beyond the spiritual realm.

It can also apply to our physical well-being.

So if you face an undiagnosable health condition, consider seeking deliverance and trusting in the healing power of Jesus.

24. Extremely Frequent Injuries and Accidents

Some people are more prone to accidents and injuries than others.

It’s as if they have a target on their back, constantly finding themselves in harm’s way.

What if these mishaps aren’t coincidences?

What if they’re actually a sign of demonic activity aiming to ruin your life?

In my deliverance ministry, in 99.9% of demonization cases, demons brag about their assignments to kill a person.

When demons manifest, they often spill the beans about their assignments to ruin the host’s life through accidents and injuries.

So, if you’ve been experiencing several injuries and accidents that average above all statistical charts, there’s a chance you need deliverance.

25. Memory Gaps in Life, Such as Missing Childhood Memories

Do you ever long for memories of your childhood that are missing?

I mean large episodes of your life as a child.

If you do, you may have been a victim of satanic ritual abuse (SRA).

Victims of SRA always have demons and need deliverance and inner healing.

I have never dealt with SRA victims, but I know such people need specialized spiritual care.

Healing from SRA and its consequences may take years. That includes the restoration of those memory gaps caused by psychological programming.

If you suspect or realize that you’ve been a victim of SRA, please, seek deliverance.

26. Societal and Personal Challenges

Engaging in Unethical or Unlawful Actions Contrary to Your Personal Beliefs

In many people, demonic influence is so strong that they may act in an unethical or unlawful actions, contrary to their beliefs and values.

Deem it a sign to seek deliverance.

Do you feel the urge to commit an act of sexual perversion?

Are you under pressure to steal something you don’t even need?

How about voices that entice you to harm your baby?

If you experience these and/or other similar symptoms, you need to consider deliverance.

27. Financial Challenges Defying Education and Opportunities

Are you a smart and highly educated person, yet experience financial challenges?

I’m not talking about economically useless degrees in history or philosophy that most employers don’t care about.

I’m talking about marketable degrees and skills you have but still struggle to make ends meet.

If this is true for you, carefully examine your ancestors’ lives for generational curses of poverty, demonic blockages and hindrances.

Did your ancestors on both sides of your bloodline struggle financially despite their education and skills?

If so, consider deliverance.

Some demons, such as the spirit of poverty, have an assignment to block your financial prosperity.

They must be cast out.

28. Living in Bondage of Fear, Paranoia, and Phobias

Living in fear, plagued by paranoia and phobias, signals a need for deliverance.

This state of mind can be debilitating, preventing individuals from fully experiencing the abundant life that God intends for them.

When we allow fear to consume us, we are essentially giving power to the spiritual forces of evil mentioned in Ephesians 6:12.

These forces seek to oppress, keeping us trapped in a cycle of anxiety and distress.

For example, someone who is gripped by a fear of heights may find themselves avoiding certain activities or places, limiting their freedom and hindering their ability to fully embrace life.

This fear can become so overwhelming that it distorts their perception of reality, causing them to see danger where there is none.

These fears and phobias surpass mere psychology.

In 2 Timothy 1:7, it says,

“God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.”

Fear can not only be an emotion, but a specific demonic spirit.

After dealing with the demon of fear in different people, I noticed that the demon of fear is a coward.

He’s afraid of God more than any other demon.

So, if you’re suffering from fears, phobias, and anxiety, seek deliverance.

29. Conceived Out of Wedlock

Illegitimacy is a curse for those conceived outside of marriage.

According to the law of Moses,

“No one born of a forbidden union may enter the assembly of the Lord. Even to the tenth generation, none of his descendants may enter the assembly of the Lord” (Deuteronomy 23:2).

If one is born out of wedlock, one is conceived out of wedlock, making one a child of fornication or adultery.

Hence, the curse of illegitimacy begins at conception, not at birth.

The curse of illegitimacy enforced by demons often works as a hindrance on one’s way to God.

People conceived out of wedlock often find it difficult to repent, to approach God in prayer, or to find intimacy with God.

But you can break the curse of illegitimacy through Jesus’ blood.

Afterwards, you will need deliverance.

Potential demons standing behind the illigtimacy curse are Jezebel, the spirit of fornication, or the spirit of adultery.

30. Ancestral History of Murder, Suicide, or Sexual Perversion

Ancestral history can have a profound impact on our lives, shaping who we are and influencing our actions.

Sometimes, this history can include a dark legacy of murder, suicide, or sexual perversion.

While it may seem unsettling to think about, understanding the connection between our ancestral past and our present struggles is crucial to find freedom.

Consider this…

Similar to how physical traits pass down from generation to generation, you can inherit spiritual burdens.

For example, if a family has a history of suicide, it may show a spiritual stronghold of despair and hopelessness that needs to be broken.

Similarly, a pattern of sexual perversion could be a sign of generational curses that require deliverance.

Remember, through Christ, you can break free from the chains of your ancestral history and walk in freedom.

Your Next Step

Now that you’ve examined your spiritual background and identified potential red flags, consider your personal deliverance.

If one or more symptoms described above apply to you, make the first step toward spiritual freedom.

Mistakenly, many individuals believe symptoms will disappear without intervention.

They won’t.

Demons never volunteer to leave a person.

That’s why Jesus commanded the church to cast them out.

To find freedom, contact this ministry.

We’ll set up a time for your personal one-on-one encounter with me.

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