Biblical counseling is a specialized help aimed at spiritual cleansing, spiritual growth and acquisition of spiritual warfare skills so that you could overcome sin, break curses, and regain control over the areas of your life previously occupied by the forces of darkness.

Counseling is not a transaction but a process during which a person gets free from the burden of their sins, generational curses, and demonic influence on their life, health and calling.

In counseling, we get to the root of the problem, not the symptoms. Therefore, it is important that the person who comes for help be open so that I, as a counselor, could provide real help.


When people contact me, they ask that the information they share with me remain confidential. In some churches, confidentiality is an enormous problem.

In my ministry, I stand on the invariable principle of confidentiality, or the secret of confession. What people share with me stays between us and God.

Therefore, when you come to me for counseling, I want you to know that your problem will never become known to third parties.

I am convinced that the very ministry of counseling can only be successful when it’s based on mutual trust. If there’s a lack of trust between us, counseling becomes pointless.

Problems the Counsel Can Help You Solve

  • Family problems
  • Relationship problems with God
  • Addictions (alcohol, drugs, occult, pornographic, etc.)
  • Depression and related problems
  • The meaninglessness of existence and suicidal tendencies
  • And much more.

If you need counseling, please book an appointment at the time that’s most convenient for you.