About Me

Hi, I’m Pastor Vlad

Welcome to my website. I’m a founding pastor at the World of Life Discipleship Church, Bloomington, MN.

I’m also a husband to the most wonderful wife, and a father of two amazing sons.

My calling is in the deliverance ministry. It means that I cast out demons and set captives free in the mighty name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The started this blog because of my passion to expose the works of the devil and to help people find freedom.

My goal is to equip fellow Christians with knowledge in the domain of spiritual warfare. I also offer my services to those in need of deliverance from demonic oppression.

The devil has ensnared many people, and most of them don’t even realize that.

My mission to bring to them the light of Christ.

Why Should You Read This Blog?

If you’re struggling to find peace in fulfillment in life…

Or if you need to arm yourself with spiritual weapons and practical knowledge for a victorious life…

You’ll feel right at home here.

My articles delve deep into the intricate web of demonic schemes.

I expose demonic teachings and practices, false religions, and much more.

I craft every piece of content to shine a light on the darkness, dispelling myths and unmasking the enemy.

My commitment to this ministry deepened when I noticed a recurring theme.

Many people come to me with similar queries about demons and their operations.

To be more efficient in answering these questions, I launched this website. I should have done it sooner, but alas.

I promise to make it a comprehensive resource on spiritual warfare for you and people you care about.

My Credibility

Why should you listen to me?

I’ve been in the deliverance ministry since 2018.

In early 2019, I graduated from Dr. Bob Larson’s International School of Exorcism. I’m part of the DWJD (Do What Jesus Did) movement.

In my ministry, God blessed me to help hundreds of people get rid of demons.

I help people online via video calls as well as offline, through personal encounters.

My Journey into Deliverance

The turning point for me was a profound experience with a friend, a local bishop.

He asked for my help in the deliverance of a witch.

Before diving into the spiritual battle, we conducted an in-depth interview with her.

Over the course of her first deliverance session, we cast out over 120 various demons.

This intensive process spanned about a year, leading her into complete freedom.

This unforgettable encounter fueled my desire to delve deeper into this ministry.

It’s worth mentioning that I had no experience in casting out demons before that.

My first “face-to-face” encounter with demons made me search for experienced deliverance ministers.

First, I found Pastor Mark Chase of Invicta Ministries from Florida. I binge-watched his videos trying to learn from him as much as I could.

After that, I found Bob Larson and enrolled in his school of exorcism. After graduation, I embarked on my own deliverance ministry.

I run my deliverance ministry in Minnesota, serving the community in the Twin Cities area.

Let’s Fight Your Demons Together

If you’re suffering from demonic oppression, book your first deliverance session today. We’ll fight for your freedom together.

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